Founded in 1975 Micheline has always imprinted the personality of its clients onto paper, accomplishing made to order products, making our workshop a leader in artisanal printing.

Our products are the translation of ideas and design onto paper, using color, form, texture and combining unique quality artisanal finishings in Mexico.

Based on our vision of the future, we have created this platform to bring innovative and creative products to our clients, always responding to changing trends and needs.


In 2009 we decided to start the project of transforming this brand into what today is our home: MICHELINE HOUSE.

We are passionate about design, paper crafting, art, and innovation. We love to exchange ideas and from them create products that are visually attractive, functional, unique and of the utmost quality.
As entrepreneurs we believe in the abilities of those that compose our team, and we know our business is the result of a cumulus of capabilities and talent.

Through more than a decade, many things have changed, but what motivates us to keep going has stayed the same: out passion for design, providing excellent service and delivering products that go beyond our clients’ expectations.

A GROUP OF DESIGNERS, ARTISTS, creators & much more. This is the talented happy people WHO BRING OUR BRAND TO life.

be a part of our team

We are always looking for new talent to join our growing family.

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